What Knife Does Ghostface Use?

The knife that Ghostface uses in the movie is Modified Buck 120 Knife. It is a hunting knife with a Micarta handle. The knife is about 8″ inches long. Ghostface usually uses this knife to kill people in the movies.

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In the Scream franchise, Ghostface is known for using various knives to kill his victims. The answer to the question of what knife Ghostface use is that he changes it up depending on the situation. But usually, you can expect to see him wielding a large hunting knife.

However, he later switches to a more traditional hunting knife in later movies. This makes sense, as it would be easier to conceal a smaller knife on his person. So there you have it! 

Buck 120 Knife Review (SCREAM 1-4, Mtv SCREAM, American Horror Story 1984)


Is a Buck 119 Used in Scream?

Buck 119 knife
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The Scream franchise is one of the most popular horror movie series of all time. The original movie, released in 1996, was a huge success and spawned two sequels. The movies are famous for their clever plot twists and shocking endings. 

One of the most iconic scenes in the first movie is when the killer, wearing a Ghostface mask, stabs Sidney Prescott with a Buck 119 knife. This knife is often referred to as a “Bowie knife” or ” survival knife”. This is because it has a long blade and a sturdy handle, making it the perfect weapon for a killer who wants to inflict maximum damage. 

While the Buck 119 is not technically considered a Bowie knife (that term is reserved for knives with certain specific features), it is still a trendy choice for survivalists and outdoors people. Its durability and versatility make it ideal for camping, hiking, and even self-defense. So, while the Buck 119 was not specifically designed for use in horror movies, its popularity amongst moviegoers has made it one of the most iconic knives in cinematic history.

Why Does Ghostface Use a Hunting Knife?

Why Does Ghostface Use a Hunting Knife?

When choosing a weapon, GhostFace usually goes for a hunting knife. There are a few reasons why this is his preferred choice. For one, a hunting knife is incredibly versatile. 

It can be used for everything from slicing and chopping to skinning and gutting. Basically, a hunting knife can do whatever needs to be done to take down prey. Another reason Ghostface likes hunting knives is that they’re relatively easy to conceal. 

Sure, he could go for a bigger blade like a machete or an axe, but then he runs the risk of being seen and caught before he can strike. With a smaller knife, he can sneak up on his victims more easily and get the drop on them. Lastly, using a hunting knife feels right to Ghostface. 

He’s comfortable with it in his hand and knows how to use it effectively. To him, it’s the perfect tool for the job at hand – stalking and murdering unsuspecting people.

How Long is the Buck 120 Knife?

The Buck 120 knife measures 7-3/8 inches in overall length, with an S35VN blade. The blade is made of 35VN stainless steel and has a Rockwell hardness rating of 58-60. The handle is made of rosewood and brass, and the knife weighs 8.3 ounces.

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What is the Difference between Buck 119 And 120?

Regarding Buck knives, the 119 and 120 are the most popular models. But what exactly is the difference between them? Let’s take a closer look. 

You’ll first notice that the 119 has a 6″ blade, while the 120 has a 7″ edge. That extra inch can make a big difference when you’re in the field or working on a project. In addition, the longer blade on the 120 gives you more cutting power and makes it easier to tackle more challenging tasks. 

Another key difference is that the 119 has a standard edge while the 120 has a serrated edge. The serrations on the 120 come in handy for cutting through rigid materials like rope or webbing. They also make it easier to see through wood or bone. 

If you’re looking for a knife that can do it all, then the 120 is your best bet. Finally, there’s also a price difference to consider. The Buck 119 retails for around $60, while the Buck 120 usually goes for approximately $80. 

So if budget is a concern, then the 119 might be your best option. Both of these knives are great options from Buck Knives. It comes down to personal preference and what you plan to use your knife for.

Buck 120 Knife

The Buck 120 Knife is a classic American hunting knife. It is made with rigid, full-tang construction and features a comfortable handle that is easy to grip. The blade is made of high-quality stainless steel and is designed for durability and strength. 

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The Buck 120 Knife has a leather sheath that protects the blade when not used.


In the Scream movies, Ghostface is known for using a large kitchen knife to kill his victims. But what kind of knife is it? Some believe it is a steak knife, while others think it could be a butcher’s knife. 

However, the most likely answer is that it is a fillet knife. Fillet knives are long and thin, with a sharp point and a flexible blade. They are designed for slicing meat, which makes them the perfect weapon for someone like Ghostface, who likes to stab his victims to death.

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